Intuitive emotional therapy®

About me


After following artistic studies at the Fine Arts, I discovered it was more exciting for me to be at service. I therefore orientated myself towards therapeutic massage in 2008. I successively followed different trainings: Ayurvedic massage, traditionnal Thai massage, Amma chair massage and Thai foot massage.


In 2009, I followed a one year course at the EFPME, which granted me a national diploma. In 2010 and 2011, being on the path of spiritual discovery, I travelled to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. There I was initiated to the ancient Shipibo medicinal traditions and I let myself be guided to new teachings and knowledge through the use of plants. The Shipibo tribe named me Suyi Pena which means "twinkling drawing". It is the name of their deceased grandmother, who was a painter and a shaman. This experience led me to intergrate shamanic wisdom to my practice.


I naturally got interested in the psycho-emotional aspect in human beings. Following a real interest in therapeutic work linked to the subconscious mind and its gateways to different levels of reality, I did a full hypnosis training at the National Guild of Hypnotherapists. Combining the therapeutic touch and energy  with phenomenons linked to consciousness and the subconscious, I wish to heal the Being in its entirety.


 I have then specialized myself in “spiritual hypnosis” as it allows to explore deeper aspects of the soul and the Universe. Every session becomes an authentic teaching. I also focus on liberating the emotional body and inner child traumas through emotional work. I created my own healing tool called "Intuitive emotional therapy" .

Besides my therapy work, I am a guide and messenger for people on the awakening path through my online videos and articles and books. And I continue to paint and draw in my spare time.


My practice is in no way medically inclined and therefore I will never diagnose any disease.I only transmit tools so that one can find his own healing power within. Free from any pre-established concepts or belief system, I have a holistic therapeutic approach that includes consciousness of the Body as well as the Spirit. I consider the « body » concept as a physical and material entity, but also the subtle bodies like chakras, the aura and vital energy (Prana, Chi or Ki). Moreover I continue to improve myself through different spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, reconnection with Nature and the Universe.



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