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The Sacred Anointing oils

Mary Magdalena is the eternal figure of the Divine feminine. She was initiated as a Priestess of  the Temple of Isis, the Divine Mother and she is also referred to as the "Anointing Oil bearer".


It is said that after the crucifixion of Christ her beloved, she fled to Europe and brought with her this very ancient knowledge used from time immemorial by the Essenes, Druids, Egyptian and Atlantis civilizations. Christ comes from the greek word christos which means "anointed".

She passed through the South of France: the Sainte-Baume, the cathar region (Rennes-le-château) and spent her last years in England.


I am honored to be able to offer you these treasures today, I was initiated by and received this knowledge from Nadine-Sarah Penna and Franck Aubert.The journey through these 22 Sacred Anointing Oils is a true initiatory path. They work with us with great power and yet a refined subtleness. They are a real balm for the Body, the Heart and the Soul, all their benefits are found in the plant and mineral kingdoms, offered by Mother Earth.


Consecrated by the connexion with the Divine they are sublimed by sacredness and Grace. Helping the new Woman and Man to rise again and walk along the path of life on our beloved Mother Earth, with a regained serenity, joy and dignity.


The Sacred Anointing Oils are placed on precise energy points along the meridians, on the chakras and subtle bodies.


Body Sacred Anointing Oils: Grounding, Emotion, Creativity, Protection, Masculinitude, Feminitude.


Heart Sacred Anointing Oils: Incarnation, Transmutation, Trust, Interiorization, Connection, Wisdom, Passage, Communion.


Consciousness Sacred Anointing Oils: Life purpose, Breath of Life, Acceptance, Angelic, The Verb, The Teacher, The Magdaléenne.The Manode.


NB: A session with the Sacred Anointing Oils can be combined with any other session. 



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