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Traditional Thaï

The receiver lies on a futon on the ground wearing light clothes. Pressures on the energy points are combined with soft stretching in order to supple joints. Other resources are used: elbows, knees, or feet. This technique helps to reach the entire organisms tissues, the epidermis, muscles and ligaments, as well as blood vessels.


Benefits :There are a few: Thai massage unties all tensions and soothes the entire body, it evacuates pain due to stress, offers a profound relaxation, relaxes body and spirit, dynamisms the body with energy, helps a good blood circulation, harmonizes energetically the major body functions and organs and regulates sleep.


Origins :Over 2500 years old, Thai massage originates from traditional Chinese medicine, Indian massage and yoga. The manual pressures of the massage are done with thumbs or palm of the hands on energy lines or large zones. Acupuncture pressure points are stimulated in order to unblock energies in the whole body. 

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