Intuitive emotional therapy®

Intuitive emotional therapy®

Intuitive Emotional Therapy is an inner journey that leads to healing the traumas of the inner child, it is a liberation and an integration of the being and the soul. As you change your past, you change your present and your future.

I have a holistic and intuitive approach to healing, and my goal is to be completely present with the subject and invite them to be present to themselves and what surfaces during the session. I focus on emotional release and inner child healing through conscious presence, breathing and integration.


The inner work sessions are based on a total relaxation of the body and the mind. Having been trained to different therapeutic techniques (hypnosis, massages, energy work, anointing oils), I now offer a unique session which combines these different methods by keeping only their quintessence. Creating therefore a unique healing session of trauma releasing, energy work and altered states of consciousness. This allows the re-integration of our wounded and fragmented self.


We all have suffered from emotional trauma while growing up, in some cases these appear as PTSD  (post-traumatic stress disorder). These emotional traumas are trapped inside are subconscious mind and imprison us in negative repetitive patterns in our lives. These parts of our being are frozen in different space time realities. They are also the cause for most of the physical and psychological diseases. Moreover they are responsible for the chronic pain and suffering in our society.

This therapy works on  a suboncious level, quantum level and shamanic level (soul retrieval).


The goal is to reintegrate all these parts of ourselves by releasing trauma, in order to finally replace them with positive visualization. And so we free ourselves from the past completely and we free our whole family lines. So we begin with the inner child and we end up with the ancestors, healing the unconscious patterns we've inherited.

I guide the subject through his own inner journey, bringing him to find  healing within himself.


The intuitive aspect might expresse itself also through certain messages that are being channeled by me during the session.


To get a complete therapy work, an average of 3-4 sessions is required as we dive deeper in every session.

The first session lasts 1h15 and includes a preliminary interview. The other sessions could be 1h15 or 1h long depending on what is required.


If you come in person, you can add the Sacred Anointing oils to the session  (highly recommended).

I offer sessions on Skype or phone as well click here.

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