Journey between lives


 The « Journey between lives » regression is a wonderful metaphysical journey.It is a journey that some compare to the Tibetan Bardo Thodol (The Book of the Dead): the space between death and the next life.


The American psychiatrist Dr. Michael Newton has set up this regression protocol in the 90’s. He witnessed that many of his patients travelled to past lives but also to disincarnated spiritual realms that we call “life between lives”.


What happens to the soul when it passes through those realms? What does a soul experience in those dimensions? What other entities or souls do we meet? What lessons and knowledge can we get?


During this journey one can come in contact with the genuine identity of one’s soul: Who am I? What is my mission here on Earth? What have I accomplished in my past lives? What can I accomplish now? Who are the souls that share my incarnations from life to life?


This experience also allows meeting with: spiritual guides, soul mates, wise beings and masters, and to gain incredible knowledge and teachings from their wisdom. During this type of session extraordinary healing realizations occur. Often occurring is a new birthing and a radical change within. The subject reaches a higher perspective and a higher consciousness and understanding regarding his life and his mission.


This experience is often compared to a Near death experience or NDE, it simply is a marvelous tool for spiritual growth.This session lasts from 2 to 4 hours.Reserved to people who have already experienced a past life regression under hypnosis.


See video: an interview of Dr. Michael Newton on his book “Journey between lives”. 

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