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Past life regression


During the 80’s, the American psychiatrist Brian Weiss discovered while doing regression therapy with his subjects, that a lot of them regressed to past lives to clear their problem in their present lives.


First skeptical he realized that past life regressions were in fact very beneficial to his patients and led them to an authentic healing. He deduced that many problems in the present life find their origins in past incarnations. He specialized in past life regression and dedicated his work to the after-life phenomenon.


It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation or life after death to experience this kind of regression. You can as well experience it as a fantasy, a dream or a time-travel. But more often than not, solutions to problems emerge during past life regressions.


And thank God with hypnosis there aren’t only problems! You can reconnect to a particular skill or gift (music, art, healing..) that you wish to explore in this life. You can also reconnect with a particular bond you have with someone or something (soul mate, animals, places..)


For “believers” this type of regression can be a wonderful tool on the path of spiritual evolution. It helps us understand more fully the laws of this Universe (cause and effects, karma and balance, expansion). It helps us to get rid of repetitive patterns that go back to many many lives sometimes.

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