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Regression therapy


Regression is traditionally used to guide a subject to the cause or source of his problem. This technique helps the subconscious to reconnect with an incident or fact that is the origin of the problem. 

Generally the origin goes way back to teenage, childhood, inside the mother’s womb (babies are emotional sponges) and even further back… (see Past lives, Life between lives section).

This technique is direct and efficient, once the subject understands the origin of his problem; the hypnotherapist helps to transform a negative element or pattern into a positive one (with positive suggestions, images, metaphors). 


The simple fact to bring something unconscious to the surface of the conscious mind is a healing in itself, or at least it initiates it. Hypnosis is like a “window to the soul”, bringing a profound emotional and spiritual evolution through concrete positive changes.




The first session lasts 1 hour.

First we define the problem together and discuss it thoroughly. Once the problem has been defined, it is appropriate to determine what objectives and goals you want to set for yourself in your life. The first session is an introductive one, I will induce a progressive relaxation hypnosis focused on the physical body.

At the end of the session I will give you tools to practice self-hypnosis at home.


Regression sessions last about 1h30.How many sessions are necessary?There are no rules. It depends on the problem, the general state of the subject, of his receptivity to hypnosis. To quit smoking or for eating disorders for example, a couple of sessions are necessary.I also offer to combine hypnosis sessions with a massage. It is recommended for people who have a hard time letting go or/and who are particularly sensitive to physical touch. It is also recommended in case of physical trauma and abuse or negative self-image.

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